Santa Cruz Artists B

Here's a useful set of links to a Santa Cruz artists and craftspeople whose names start with B.

Note: I tried to make this list of Santa Cruz artists pretty inclusive, but I know of some fine artists that do not appear to possess a website. Also this is just a volunteer effort, so if I left you out let me apologize. If I link to you and I have a typo, please feel free to contact me.

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Steven & Bonnie Barisof

Kathy Beal

Leslie Benson

Baila "Gypsy" Berks

Hildy Bernstein

Marsha Blaker & Paul DeSomma

Jo-Neal Graves Boic

Sally Bookman

Andrea Borsuk

Donna Bourne

Jim Bourne

Russel Brutsché

Andrew Butler

Alena Byrnes