Santa Cruz Artists M

Here's a useful set of links to a Santa Cruz artists and craftspeople whose names start with M.

Note: I tried to make this list of Santa Cruz artists pretty inclusive, but I know of some fine artists that do not appear to possess a website. Also this is just a volunteer effort, so if I left you out let me apologize. If I link to you and I have a typo, please feel free to contact me.

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Marilyn MacKenzie

Jack Madison

Joel Magen

Thomas Mantle

Charlotte Mahood

Elise H. Mahoney

Patricia Majio

Teresa Mallen

Shane Mann

Jeane Manss

Jessica Blaine Alton Maring

Will Marino

Evelyn Markasky

Linde B. Martin

Lucy Martin

Stephanie Martin

Heather Robyn Matthews

John Maxon

Mike McClellan

Suzanne McCourt

George McCullough

James McElheron

Jan McGeorge

Donald McPherson

John McWilliams

Patricia Michaud-Towery

Grant Miller

Judy Miller

Brenda Mills-Brannan

Johnny Mojo

Merlyn Moreno

Anne Morhauser

Bonnie Minardi

Chris Miroyan

Adrienne Momi

Christine Charter Moorhead

N. Kay Morrison

Michael Mote

Judie Mountain

Liza Hunter Muhley